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Johnson Peter

From engineering to envisioning captivating narratives, my journey evolved dramatically. I delved into the IT realm as a subject matter expert and project manager, only to stumble upon photography—a love affair that reshaped my destiny.

I have been featured in the National Geographic blog a couple of times. My photographs have been streamed by art lovers in more than 50 countries. 

Entranced by the artistry of visuals, I bid farewell to the corporate hustle and birthed Creative Nomad Digital Media Agency

We fashion digital landscapes, building websites, digital content, and painting stories through immersive video productions. My fascination with design and visual language propels every creation, infusing soul into pixels and code.

Driven by an insatiable hunger for storytelling mastery, I finished my film making course at LV Prasad Academy. There, the canvas expanded. I now proudly stand as a creator of a short film - Human Files and an experimental documentary film, exploring realms beyond convention.

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