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Johnson Peter

I’m a photographer, entrepreneur — founder at Creative Nomad Digital Media Agency. After working for about a decade in the IT Industry, I quit my job to travel for sometime. I had to return back to India because of the pandemic. I set out exploring my passion for photography and technology. 


I have been featured in the National Geographic blog a couple of times. My photographs have been streamed by art lovers in more than 50 countries. Creative Nomad is one of my ventures, where we build web applications and digital content for businesses and individuals. 


Apart from that, I would like to call myself a thinker, I’m fascinated by the human psychology. Lately, I’m often pondering about human behaviour, the role of emotions, the cultural impact on our lives and the future of the human race. I also enjoy running and yoga, I have been participating in the TCS world 10K for consecutive years now — my top result was finishing in 54mins. I love adventure and travel, mostly trekking in the wilderness.

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