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Human Files - A Short Film

Written & Co-directed by Johnson Peter

Film Description

In a world where our lives are increasingly intertwined with technology, what happens to our digital possessions when we're no longer here? "Human Files" is a poignant short film that delves into this pressing issue through the eyes of a 27-year-old widow who's grappling with a profound dilemma.


After the sudden loss of her husband, she stumbles upon a hidden trove of private files, a digital diary of secrets, and unspoken truths. Faced with this unexpected revelation, she must make a choice: Should she uncover the mysteries within or respect her husband's privacy in death as she did in life?


As she embarks on a journey of discovery, "Human Files" explores the profound emotional and ethical questions surrounding the digital remnants we leave behind. It's a heartwarming and thought-provoking exploration of love, loss, and the evolving landscape of our digital lives.


Join us on this emotional rollercoaster as we navigate the uncharted territory of digital legacies, and witness the transformative power of love and understanding. Don't miss "Human Files," a short film that will touch your heart and leave you questioning the legacy you're creating in the digital age.


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Directed by -  Jai Karthick, Johnson Peter, Nikhil RJ, Santhosh Paul, Vijay

Story and Screenplay Written by Johnson Peter (

Music: Vignesh Shankar

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