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Post processing on smart phone
Before Editing
After Editing on Smart Phone

Course Level - Beginners

Language - English

Instructor - Johnson Peter

Duration - 90 Minutes

Mode - Live, online session

Learn how to edit your photos like a pro using Adobe Lightroom on your smart phone.

Fee: Rs. 899/-

Date: Saturday, 24th April

Time: 11 AM - 12:30 PM

Live online session

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who wants to understand the workflow of post processing.

  • Who wants to edit images like a pro.

  • There is no age limit, anyone interested can attend this course.

What you will learn?

  • What is post processing?

  • Different apps available.

  • How to use Adobe Lightroom to organise your photos?

  • Different editing modules on Lightroom.

  • Understand how to use these modules to enhance your photos.

  • Export settings.

About the course

Post processing is one of the important aspect of photography, we will look into what is post processing and what is the importance of it. We will look at a few apps that are available for post processing. 

Adobe Lightroom is a professional edit software, which is used by most photographers worldwide. With the enhanced mobile app, Adobe Lightroom mobile app is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful editing app available for smart phones.

In this course, we will see the different modules available on Lightroom mobile application and how you can use it to take your photography to the next level.

Each topic will be explained in depth, with examples. The modules can be used differently for different photos. You will be able to understand, how you can use each of them during different scenarios.

At the end of this 90mins session, you will be able to starting editing your photos, using this very powerful tool.


You will receive a certificate of completion.

Online session

Learn from the comfort of your home.

In depth teaching

All concepts will be taught in depth using examples

90 mins

Course designed for quick and effective learning

Topics Covered

  • Introduction

    • What is Post processing?

    • Why Post processing is important?

  • Adobe Lightroom

    • Why Lightroom?

    • Other tools available

  • Post processing on Adobe Lightroom

    • The workflow

    • Import photos (Live demo)

    • Organise Library (Live demo)

    • Export settings (Live demo)

    • Watermarks (Live demo)

  • Editing Modules (All these topics explained through live demo)

    • Light

    • Color

    • Effects

    • Details

    • Lens correction

    • Perspective

    • Profiles

    • Version control

    • Masking

    • Healing

    • Crop

    • Presets

About the Instructor

Johnson Peter has been photographing for several years, using many devices from smart phone to compact cameras to Digital SLR cameras.

He developed his own style of photography, with a mix of wildlife, fine art, travel and portrait photography. He has an immense understanding of the science and art of photography and developed his own techniques of photography, which he intends to share to aspiring photographers.

His wildlife photographs have been featured in National Geographic Blog and on news paper publications. He has also been invited to judge photography competitions in colleges. 

He is an engineer by education and worked in the IT industry for 10 years, before he quit his job, as a project manager at TCS, to pursue photography full time. Johnson is also the founder of Creative Nomad Design Company, which build websites and digital contents for businesses.


You can find his work at or Instagram @johnsonapeter

Johnson Peter
Johnson Peter

Photographer and

Founder at Creative Nomad Design Company

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