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A frustrated Seeker

Its all a lie,

Everything that arises out of the mind,

From the thoughts

And the stories that are told.

It is short lived,

Only in the moment,

Can’t stay true,

Withers and dies very soon.

It only boosted the ego

Tricking it to believe —

The process of being someone,

The progress to become something.

It’s all a lie!

Keeps changing by the minute,

With no integrity,

Always selfish,

So deceitful.

I want to write this down,

Cos the lies will come back soon,

With a different story,

And I will fall for it once again.

Its the frailty of my human spirit,

I can accept the weakness,

But I can’t accept the Treachery,

My will is not strong enough to fight it.

My thoughts are born out of lies,

it can never be true,

No matter how noble or dirty,

I reject to identify it as me.

Even what I write is not true,

Its born out of my thoughts,

I don’t know if there is any other way to express it,

Until then it will keep spiting out lies.

I don’t know what the truth is

But I can say what are lies,

Permanence is a lie,

My identity is a lie.

I give up ,

I cant take it anymore.

I’m tired,

Of all the highs and the lows.

All of this will fade away tomorrow,

I’ll get back to normal life,

Like nothing at all happened,

And this will repeat until I die one day.

— Johnson Peter

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