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Smart Phone Photography
Learn Mobile Photography

Date: 9th - 10th April

Time: 10 AM - 5 PM

Venue: Butterfly Talent Academy

Course Level - Beginners

Language - English

Instructor - Johnson Peter

Duration - 2 Days

Mode - In person, classroom sessions

Learn the fundamentals of photography and how to use your smart phone to create stunning images. 

Students: Rs.3150/- (30% discount)
Adults: Rs. 4500/-

Who is this course for?

  • Ideal for anyone above the age of 14. However, not limited too, we are open if the someone younger is fluent in English and can grasp these concepts.

  • Anyone who is starting off with photography and want to build a strong foundation.

  • Anyone who wants to learn smart phone photography for their business.

  • Anyone who wants to explore photography using a smart phone and later move on to using a DSLR Camera.

What you will learn?

  • Fundamental concepts of photography

  • How a camera works.

  • To use the camera pro mode to take better photos.

  • To compose better photos with the understanding of the laws of composition.

  • Introduction to post processing/editing app (Adobe lightroom and snapseed)

  • Understand the complete workflow from planning to presenting your art work.

About the course

Unlike never before, we are able to share our story, in the most vivid form and to the largest audience possible, just using a smart phone. Smart phone has changed how we interact with the world. One of the most important aspect is the camera on a phone. It has given us an opportunity to immortalise any event that we may experience. We love to cherish the memory of our vacation or a meeting with a friend, we love to share something we created or something we want to sell.

The advent of smart phone has given an opportunity for anyone to take photos, whether you want to keep it for yourself or you want to share it to the world. I believe this is just the beginning, with the technology advancing fast and our growing dependancy on technology, the role of smart phone will become significant in our lives.

The course is planned to cover the Art and Science of smart phone photography, where it introduces you to the world of photography. You will learn how the camera works, how to use to create beautiful images. We will cover a few important guidelines, to help you learn and explore.


You will receive a certificate of completion.

In person

In person sessions, to help address queries and doubts


All concepts will be taught using easy examples


Personal guidance on how to develop you photography.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction

    • What is photography?

    • The philosophy of photography

    • How does a camera work?

  • Working of a Smart Phone Camera

    • Lens

    • Sensor

  • Fundamental Concepts

    • Understanding light

    • Focus and focal length

    • Angle of view

    • Depth of field

    • Image formats

    • Aspect Ratio

  • Post processing

    • Adobe Lightroom for mobile and Snapseed

  • Shooting on Pro mode

    • Aperture

    • Shutter speed

    • ISO

    • Metering

    • White balance

  • Composition

    • Laws of composition

    • Story telling

    • Perspective

    • Contrasts

    • Shapes and Patterns

  • Presenting your art work

    • Social media

    • Competition

  • Ethical photography

Certificate Sample

About the Instructor

Johnson Peter has been photographing for several years, using many devices from smart phone to compact cameras to Digital SLR cameras.

He developed his own style of photography, with a mix of wildlife, fine art, travel and portrait photography. He has an immense understanding of the science and art of photography and developed his own techniques of photography, which he intends to share to aspiring photographers.

His wildlife photographs have been featured in National Geographic Blog and on news paper publications. He has also been invited to judge photography competitions in colleges. 

He is an engineer by education and worked in the IT industry for 10 years, before he quit his job, as a project manager at TCS, to pursue photography full time. Johnson is also the founder of Creative Nomad Design Company, which build websites and digital contents for businesses.


You can find his work at or Instagram @johnsonapeter

Johnson Peter
Johnson Peter

Photographer and

Founder at Creative Nomad Design Company

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