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Poetry of the soul

Johnson Peter

I exist through time With no name or form, can’t separate me from the other Transcendental and non-judgemental, but just a witness

Somewhere along the way Life happened, some call it creation, some illusion and some evolution It seemed enticing, the idea of being Alive.

I craved for a chance To experience this superstate, as I witnessed others live their lives Like an alchemist, I gathered energy and prepared my soul

I was born, after a thousand years A Supernova in my mother’s womb, the moment Matter turned into life From two cells to a million, building a form, an identity and an ego

I experienced the magic of life Through this body and mind, I’m now in the physical realm I’m not just a witness anymore, I can manifest my thoughts

I felt abundant Until, I indulged in comfort, my senses grew hungry Developing insecurities, of scarcity in the physical world.

I wanted more Enchanted by power and pleasure, I did everything In an obsession for self, I buried my innate nature deep within

I created two out of one, A world within and a world outside, both in a constant conflict A veil of ignorance between both worlds, my soul trapped on the inside

No more free, I longed for The duality to be forged to one, breaking all boundaries No fear or anxiety, greed or jealousy — just witness the magic of life.

Through my true self, I yearn to live Buried so deep, I can’t remember who I truly am, I imagine I’m magnificent I can only speculate, until I wake up and realise.

I lost my way, I want to come back I looked for answers, in the labyrinth of the perpetual knowledge Found many but no words can satisfy, only self realisation can quench.

With a veil of many layers I remove one at time, through reasoning and self reflection I can feel the energy stronger and the light glowing ever so brightly

I think I have been here before For only here I can change course, every time I fail, I wait for my next chance The life I lived, will make the time I wait, heaven or hell.

For now I set forth with great intensity, to burn the veil of ignorance Pain and suffering accompanies, but the Joy of knowing prevails.

* * *

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