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A Disjunctive Reflection

Exploring the chaos within my art, one disjointed verse at a time.

I put a veil on my dream To survive in this world To say that I’m happy To show that I’m satisfied.

My dreams can earn no money So what good is it?

I want to live, I love to live It’s a beautiful, wild world I want to show you what I see The colors and the patterns, the love and the aches.

Not many want hear, But I don’t want to care. I live to share, For the little time I am here.

I never grew up I punish myself for that The child in me continues to play The enthusiasm impossible to kill.

I am an artist, I know no techniques My life is an art, I just relish it. Call me stupid, call me mad Call me a failure, but I’m rich inspite.

I Never stayed low for long I Never stayed high for long I Never questioned why Cos there is beauty in both, I can’t choose one.

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