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Look at Me!

It’s like a raging storm in my heart or I could say a volcano because I can feel the heat.

Me finding my own path, seems a bit scary.

This means sometimes disagreeing to my loved ones.

It might hurt them, I am weary.

It is my sole meagre desire, to take the path I choose.

I can feel my own skin, free from boundaries.

The very thought of exploration, gives me a thrill.

What I thought was problem is now a puzzle to solve.

I’m grateful for everything they did

They are very important to me,

The thought of hurting them breaks my heart.

Hope its not too late to say I Love you.

Not with arrogance but with utmost respect

I am as right as you are

Your experience took you through your path

Mine, nudging me towards something different.

This is my way of living, or may be it is God’s plan

Anything else is not me,

My individual experiences and interpretations moulded that.

Same yet different, look at Me!

— Johnson Peter

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