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My Work

There are about 20 different collections of photos. You can explore these experiences of my journey.

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My Art

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Heal In Nature - A Documentary Film 

Heal in Nature

Story | Cinematography | Narration

Johnson Peter

I invite you to join me on journey of identifying childhood traumas that was holding me back and healing them in Nature. This documentary about mental health, is an introspection that will raise important questions that might challenge your perspective and give you a pathway to heal.

Human Files

Story | Screen Play | Direction

Johnson Peter

As she embarks on a journey of discovery, "Human Files" explores the profound emotional and ethical questions surrounding the digital remnants we leave behind. It's a heartwarming and thought-provoking exploration of love, loss, and the evolving landscape of our digital lives.

Human Files - A Short Film 

My Latest Collection

Serene, Thoughtful and Enigmatic.

Twilight's  Reflections:

Portraits of



Capturing the Ephemeral Beauty of Wistful Moments